Pregnancy is a wonderful trip characterized by anticipation, joy, and sometimes low emotions at the same time. While we are expecting parents, it is quite common to be inundated with a lot, not all of which is accurate. In this post, we shall look closely at some of the truths and fables of pregnancy, clarifying discrepancies through scientifically researched facts.

Eating For Two:

It is very important for you to have a nutritious diet, but you also don’t have to eat twice as much. Quality weighs heavier than quantity. Place emphases on nutrient-dense foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins.

Heartburn Predicts a Hairy Baby:

This sweet myth, however, stipulate that heartburn in pregnancy link with a baby's hairiness. Nevertheless, no scientific evidence is found in support of this idea. Heartburn is prevalent because of hormonal changes and the fact that the stomach is under pressure.

Cocoa Butter Prevents Stretch Marks:

The creaminess of cocoa butter applied to your skin is not a guaranteed, instant and universal solution for replaced stretch marks. Genetics, weight gains, and skin elasticity is the critical factor. Take care about the intake of the water, and do not forget about the moisturizer, but don’t expect a magic of cocoa butter.

Avoid Exercise During Pregnancy:

Regular training is for the benefit of you and your unborn child. See your health care supplier and go for safe activities such as walking, swimming or prenatal yoga. Exercise can lift your spirits, increase your circulation, and prepare you for labor.

Spicy Foods Induce Labor:

Looking for flavorful spicy tacos or samosas?Go ahead! Even if you develop heartburn from a spicy food, they’ll not trigger a contraction leading to labour. Whether labor starts or not, hormonal stimulants and your baby’ s readiness come into play.

Remember, every pregnancy is unique. Seek reliable information, consult your healthcare provider, and enjoy this incredible journey—one that’s filled with both facts and a touch of magic. It is important to gather reliable information and consult with your healthcare provider as every pregnancy is unique.


Let's englighten you with another bonus Myth and Fact :) Belly shape is more about your body’s structure and muscle tone than the baby’s gender. The “high and round” versus “low and wide” theory is pure fun, not science. Many Pakistani moms predict the gender based on the belly shape but it is actually a myth. :)