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Farlin Manual Breast Pump Free Direction

  • Pumps more milk effortlessly
  • Anatomical Cup gently stimulates the milk ducts
  • Pump, store and feed with the same container
  • Ergonomic swivel handle
  • Lightweight and handy 
  • Adapts to most breast sizes
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-Farlin Free Direction Manual Breast Pump
-Breast Milk storage box, 210 ml
-Newborn flow nipple
-Sealing disc
-Instruction guide
-Disposable breast pad
-Adaptor ring

Get Farlin Milk Storage Bottle Set absolutely FREE with this product.

Milk Storage Bottle:
Farlin Milk Storage Bottle Set for safe and convenient storage of breast milk.

-Versatile space-saving storage system
-Prevents contamination
-Can be converted into a feeding bottle
-Includes a storage bottle
-Capacity: 300 ml