Avent Natural Double Electric Breast Pump

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When you are comfortable and relaxed, your milk flows more easily. That is why we created our most comfortable breast pump yet: Sit comfortably with no need to lean forward and let our soft massage cushion gently stimulate your milk flow.

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Product Features

Use ByMother
Product Weight500g to 1Kg
Additional Shipping CostNo
Delivery RestrictionAll Pakistan Delivery
MaterialBPA Safe
Return PolicyCannot Be Returned Due To Product Nature
Manufacturing CountryUnited Kingdom (UK)

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Lightweight Design

The breast pump is a compact design which makes it easier to position. The uniquely designed handle makes milk expressing comfortable and controllable.

Gentle Stimulation Mode with Pumping Settings

Once the pump is switched on, it gently starts pumping the milk. Then choose from the 3 pumping settings to make the milk flow as per your comfort level.

Easy One Touch Button Operation

Single touch electric breast pump is ideal for mothers who pump milk regularly and value being able to pump milk without any effort.

Unique Design for Comfortable Pumping

The breast pump is uniquely designed to make the milk flow pass seamlessly from the breast into the bottle. You can sit comfortably during the entire process without leaning forward to ensure that the milk goes straight into the bottle.

Breast Pump with Massage Cushion

The massage cushion of the breast pump has a velvety texture and gives a comfortable and gentle feeling of milk flow.

Compatible with Philips Avent feeding bottles

The Philips Avent electrical breast pump is compatible with all feeding bottles including Classic bottles and milk storage containers. Philips Avent offers a wide range of breast care accessories to enhance our comfort and make you breastfeed for longer.

Easy Assembly of Parts

The assembly of matching parts is very easy and intuitive.

Easy to Clean

Avent electrical breast pump is easy to clean due to its small separate parts. It can be easily washed in the dishwasher except the electrical parts.

Natural Bottle and Nipple for Natural Latch On

The wide breast shaped nipple promotes natural latch on similar to the breast making it easier and comfortable for the baby to combine breast and bottle feeding.

2 Year Guarantee

Philips offers 2 years worldwide warranty for the electrical pump.

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