BIOMIL LF (Lactose-free infant milk formula)

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BIOMIL® LF is the nutrition of choice as a supplement to or replacement for breast milk should this be lacking for infants with lactose intolerance. BIOMIL® LF is recommended in the event of postenteritis syndrome: severe diarrhoea, persistent or recurring following consumption of milk. This syndrome is due to secondary lactose intolerance caused by a reduction in lactase level.

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Product Weight500g to 1Kg
Additional Shipping CostNo
Delivery RestrictionShipping Available For Lahore Only
Return PolicyCannot Be Returned Due To Product Nature
Manufacturing CountryBelgium

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  • BIOMIL® LF is a preparation based on enriched casein so as to be perfectly adapted to the infant’s needs. BIOMIL® LF contains casein, vegetable oils, and maltodextrin. BIOMIL® LF is enriched with L-Carnitine, taurine, inositol, and choline. It contains supplements of mineral salts (calcium, zinc, copper, iron, etc.) and vitamins.
  • BIOMIL® LF meets the nutritional needs of infants up to the age of one year, and replaces milk for growing children and adults requiring lactose-free nutrition.
  • BIOMIL® LF does not contain any lactose, gluten, peanuts, saccharose or fructose.
  • The energy density of BIOMIL® LF is based on that of breast milk. 100 ml of BIOMIL® LF reconstituted at 13.5% provides 68 kcal. 
  • The split of energy between proteins, lipids and carbohydrates has been developed so as to obtain high digestive tolerance.
  • BIOMIL® LF complies with the standards of the Codex Alimentarius and the recommendations of the European Union.
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